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A belly laugh a day keeps the humdrum away. We take your marketing very serious, but we have fun doing it!
Creative minds need a recharge - so if you walk into a dance party in our office, don’t be surprised!

Caleb Asher

President & CEO

Giving the Energizer Bunny a run for his money, Caleb just keeps going! Since starting the business in 2013, he’s been full steam ahead and hasn’t looked back. Putting his gift of gab to productive purpose, he specializes in fostering relationships with clients, vendors, and staff, investing in their best interests, success and well-being.

Mizzou-raised, Caleb ruffled some feathers when graduating a Jayhawk at Kansas University, and then spent the remainder of his career working for the State of Kansas. Upon his exit, he resolved he was a Kansas boy at heart, and so was planted Sprout. 

His biggest cheerleaders are his wife of nearly 20 years, mini Sprouts, Grace and Christian, and a beloved Weimaraner, Brownie. When not going in five different directions, this bustling and creative quintet enjoys playful time together riding bikes, hiking, exploring, traveling and crafting.

With his big smile and even bigger heart, it’s no wonder Caleb has never met a stranger. He tells a good story and can capture a crowd with his humor and charisma. Devoted, devout and dynamic, he’s your coach, brother and most of all, friend.

  • Fun Fact

    Think Caleb is super natural? Perhaps it could be from when he was struck by lightning.

  • Home Life

    When he's not running the business, he's chasing two rambunctious little sprouts.

Jessica Horton

Client Services Director

Not only is she the inner office comedian, Jess keeps the ball rolling in each open project while creating a light-hearted climate from day to day. Calendaring and communicating, she masterfully watches that nothing slips through the cracks. Juggling client interactions, in-house operations and project strategies, Jess has her hand in every aspect, and ensures a streamlined approach in all facets.

Jess brings invaluable experience to our team after serving more than 10 years in marketing and sales in the multi-billion dollar retail industry. Her widespread range of experience serving clientele across the world makes her knowledge of the human race invaluable, which is why we trust you’re always in good hands.

As if we don’t keep her busy enough at work, Jess goes home each night to her landscaping extraordinaire and healthcare professional husband, two rambunctious kiddos, and Sadie, the cake-loving basset hound (a 13-year-old slobbery, smelly, loving pain in her butt).

Jess is and all-around hustler who gets the job done. Even if she can’t carry a tune in a bucket, she’s a total rock star in our book!

  • Fun Fact

    Enjoy Jess's energy? She gets it from the Dr. Pepper she drinks daily.

  • Home Life

    Saturdays are for football. Jess is a diehard K-State fan and loves sharing that with her family.

Teryl Studebaker

Graphic Designer

Still just a kid at heart, Teryl brings a fun, silly spirit to the Sprout team each day. She loves a mean mix of queso dip alongside a lime margarita on the rocks, no salt. She’s a spicy, no mess-around kind a gal who likes to get the job done. Serving as a Marketing Specialist, Teryl has her hands in each stage of the project, from conceptual brainstorming, to production, to implementation.

Bringing her love of design home, Teryl loves to decorate and experiment with color, crafts and composition. She’s a mom of five and has learned some serious patience, forgiveness and juggling skills in her 19+ years of parenting. With her IT, mechanic and handyman husband, together they enjoy dreaming, landscaping and mapping out the family farm.

Teryl’s 20+ years as a graphic designer provide the team a seasoned eye, ensuring nothing but the best leaves our doors. Serving in other professional and independent marketing roles, Teryl brings a well-rounded set of skills that are reflected in each project. Welcoming and loyal, have a friend for life when you meet Teryl!

  • Fun Fact

    That's nacho cheese, but it is Teryl's. Try to take her José Peppers' espinaca and you'll see her true colors. #livesoncheese

  • Home Life

    If you think juggling knives is dangerous, try juggling five kids. Teryl is the ringleader of her family and loves every minute of it. 

Austen Witte

Account Manager

When there’s a problem to be solved, it’s Austen to the rescue! Perpetual optimist and serial entrepreneur, Austen will figure things out, making his role at Sprout irreplaceable! He’s a friend to all and has a heart of gold, always going out of his way to help others.

Austen serves one of Sprout’s top relationships as an account manager. Strategizing, planning, calendaring, communicating, researching, developing and implementing...are just a few of his responsibilities. His wheels are always turning, looking for the best, most efficient way of getting the job done right.

When not at work, Austen enjoys a quiet day with his beautiful bride, game night with friends, or adventuring into the great wild with his nephews’ Scout troop. As if he’s not busy enough, Austen loves to dabble in laser-engraving, creating one-of-a-kind works of art. He’s the Sprout of all trades!

  • Fun Fact

    Even though his childhood dream was to become a vet, he settled on pet ownership instead. Other than his wife of course, Austen's 2 dogs and 2 cats are the loves of his life.

  • Home Life

    college graduation ✓
    big boy job ✓
    wedding ✓
    new house ✓
    adulting ✓


Rachel Huff

Graphic Designer

New York native and Syracuse University graduate, Rachel came to the Midwest and never returned home after meeting the love of her life here in Kansas (lucky for us!). She works each day at Sprout staring deep into a computer screen perfecting digital images through a sequence of commands or mathematical statements that place lines and shapes in a given two-dimensional or three-dimensional space. Also, she is a solid graphic designer!

In her repertoire of expertise, Rachel brings to the table unique agency experience that drives her creativity. Applying her love of math with her keen eye, she delivers precise, clean and superb design in every application. Rachel has conceived thousands of pieces, many of which are award-winning for their artistic and strategic interpretation.

At home, Rachel loves being a new mom and enjoys a good glass of wine, or hot cup of apple cider with her husband, while watching old reruns of Friends, or the latest Netflix original. Rachel’s bubbly spirit, contagious laugh and big smile are enjoyed by her coworkers, her family and her friends, and makes her one of the most likable people you’ll ever meet!

  • Fun Fact

    Rachel knows better than to stick her tongue on a cold pole but this New York native does love her cold weather.

  • Home Life

    Rachel and Derek just had their first little boy, Jude. It has been a big life shift but she would not have it any other way!

Andrew Ross

Video Production

He’s a crafty guy, with a knack for telling a good story. Leading the Sprout video team, Andrew, aka, “Whitey” has a keen eye for film technique and compelling narratives that always results in a cinematic masterpiece. Though he never aspired to work out of Hollywood, he’s been honored to produce films based out of Los Angeles, and has had the opportunity to travel the nation telling the stories of some of the most underprivileged to the most affluent, and finding the commonalities between.

If he’s not behind a camera, he can be found in a dusty little woodshop, creating works of art made out of rough planks of hard American lumber. Using hand tools passed down from his grandfather, Whitey finds solace as he cuts and chisels nature-made materials into man-made masterpieces.

Star Wars super fan, Whitey is surrounded by some pretty stellar roommates - from Han Solo to Boba Fett to Chewbacca...his home is abundant with retro figurines and collective oddities. The original Star Wars films marked the beginning of Andrew’s love of cinematography, and gives him inspiration everyday to create his own, acclaimed style, that tells a gripping story.

Comedic, loyal, artistic and genuine, Andrew is a friend for life. Though small in stature, his big personality is magnetic. With the ability to reel you in with his descriptive and animated adventures, you’ll find yourself inside one of his stories. Grab a seat - it’s always a fun ride with Whitey!

  • Fun Fact

    If you would have asked me when I was a kid what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would've said "Han Solo." At times, even as a grown adult, I still ask myself "what would Han do?".

  • UnTalents

    They’re more like hidden UN-talents. Like, the inability to blow bubbles with bubblegum. Or, write a legible “W.”